6 Types of Bosses and How to Work With Them (Infographic)

bosses types

From a visionary to a commander, there are different types of bosses. By understanding the leadership style of your manager, you’ll be able to work with them better and create a path for success.

If your boss is a “visionary,” then they’re likely dreaming big things but having trouble acting on their thoughts. To assist this type of leader, help them understand their goal and create a clear path to achieving it.

Another type of boss is a “coach.” This person likes to motivate and push employees to reach their maximum potential. When working with them, it’s important to be honest, realistic and straightforward.

If you’ve got a “pacesetter” for a boss, a person who likes to set challenges for their employees and expects the best outcomes, you should be prepared to work extremely hard and constantly update your boss on your progress.

From the coach to the visionary, it’s important to understand your boss to ensure success. To learn more, check out Quid Corner’s infographic below.

boxes types


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