future of ecommerce
Since the web first ushered in a new era of e-commerce, marketplaces, payment services, and massive scaling of shipping and Read more
A marketing funnel is a powerful way for businesses to focus and coordinate their marketing efforts. To get the most Read more
customer journey
You may have heard about the customer journey, now before a purchase happens, each interaction with a brand during a Read more
inclusive marketing
As a digital marketer, being inclusive is an essential part of making deeper connections with your customers. Inclusive marketing is Read more
digital vs traditional
Traditional marketing is marketing that isn't online. Marketers reach potential customers through printed media, television, radio, direct mail, phone calls, Read more
There are several essential soft entrepreneurship skills sets that you can develop to increase your entrepreneurial success if you are Read more
Succeeding on your Facebook business page In order to achieve success on your Facebook business page, you need an engaged Read more
website security
Cyber hackers and security threats Protecting your privacy online is a critical area of concern for many individuals, especially when Read more
Alt tags
What is an alt tag? An alt tag or "alt attribute" is an HTML attribute applied to an image tag Read more
What is a favicon? A favicon (pronounced "fave-icon") is a small iconic image that represents a website in web browsers. Read more
Writing the perfect meta description If you have already audited your website and have walked here to understand how meta-description Read more
Use Heading Tags (H1) To Improve Your Google Rankings
What are heading tags (H1)? Have you ever wondered what heading tags (H1) are? If you’ve thought about either of Read more
  Defining title tags rightly is very crucial for your business. The title tags in SEO are the title of Read more
  Use your website to grow in Ghana Many website owners don’t give their websites the needed care, and so Read more
Companies providing email marketing services in Ghana
Email marketing Email marketing is the oldest form of online marketing. It is the most direct and effective way of Read more
What Is Social Media Marketing?   Social media marketing first started with publishing where businesses were sharing their content on Read more
What is Digital Marketing?     Digital marketing, also known as online marketing or internet advertising is a big deal Read more
Creating compelling content on social media for businesses in Ghana
SEO, what does it really mean? SEO is a vital tool for digital marketing but what exactly is it? Is Read more
eCommerce in Ghana,Best Practices To Standout And Boost Sales
The eCommerce industry is a big game in Ghana now. There are different phases that depict the success of an Read more
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that is organic and uses tactics to place the brand among Read more
web design
Website design in Ghana plays a crucial role in making sure a business is ready to accomplish its goals. but Read more
Video marketing is a kind of video created and posted online to advertise your business. When we talk about video Read more
As typical for Google, they have recently released news on new changes to the world of seo on their search Read more
SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a tried-and-tested practice of increasing the quality and quantity of the website Read more
SERP full form is Search Engine Result page in which web crawler gives arrangements of results that we looked for Read more
A conversion is when the traffic on your website is converted to customers who end up giving business to you. Read more
Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for the growth of your online business. It has the ability to take your Read more
The only way to make your business successful is to increase sales. Don't overwhelm yourself even if the sales are Read more
visual marketing
In laymen terms, Visual marketing is the art of creating photos, videos, graphics or even GIFs for various web portals. Read more
Pay Per Click or PPC  also known as Paid Search Advertising (PSA) is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It Read more
Global or International SEO is the international search engine optimization process which is intended to influence your online business presence Read more
There is more to creating a good web design than just putting things in the right place. Rules matter like the use Read more
Content or post is the life of the blog so we can attract traffic just by relying on post and Read more
This article has been prepared with the understanding that will allow you to build a foundation to serve your brand, Read more
How much effort do you need to put while choosing a domain name for your business? Is it that important? Read more
In this highly competitive digital marketing arena, having an enhanced online presence is matters above anything. All begins with a Read more
digital marketing
With unlimited amounts of content out there, it most likely shocks no one that an aggravating measure of this content Read more
There might be numerous SEO tools out there and though nobody disputes their role, one of the easiest and most Read more
Did you know the Google Mobile First Indexing has changed the SEO game in 2018? According to Google First Indexing Read more
Digital marketing vrs Traditional marketing
History has seen that marketing of a product has always been an essential aspect. This is the best way to Read more
social media marketing Infographics
Think that you are a startup, with a one of a kind, life-changing and world-changing idea, but you are not Read more
Having a digital presence is the necessary tool for every business enterprise in this age of information technology. Gone are Read more
Design plays an important role in creating a great website. A visually appealing design does not have to guarantee a Read more
seoghana infographics
Search engine optimization (SEO) in Ghana helps in transforming the online visibility of a web page or a website usually Read more
Ranking organically in search engine results can be hard work which is why many businesses couple their organic efforts with Read more
Email marketing is probably the most efficient way of sharing messages, building a relationship with customers and selling services. The Read more
PPC Ghana
Pay-Per Click ads are very flexible in that you can dial down your budget when you're busy to help you Read more
Have you ever gone overboard at a buffet? You're standing in line, and the sight of those endless trays of Read more
facebook ecommerce
The sheer number of social media users grows every day, and thus, leveraging your social media accounts to garner sales Read more
ghana products
Has it ever occurred  to you how quickly big brands that we have grown to know are giving way or Read more
Digital marketing is no longer a passing trend as it was considered a few years back. Today, this is a Read more
Gaining greater independence is the top reason people say they would start a small business, according to recent research from Paychex. The report was Read more
KFC Haatso
Many traditional fast food restaurants are slowly being left behind especially in Ghana. It's not that customers don't crave their Read more
bosses types
From a visionary to a commander, there are different types of bosses. By understanding the leadership style of your manager, Read more
Most companies start out doing their digital marketing using an in-house team, often on a shoestring budget. The business grows, and you Read more
You might find the concept of making money through ads distasteful or counterproductive. You aren’t alone in that respect. There Read more
Almost everybody use social media nowadays. Well, maybe not everyone, but at least a huge amount of the population does. Read more
The team at Salesforce conducted a survey of 5000+ digital marketers globally to learn where marketers are focusing efforts - and how Read more
In the past, many industries and businesses resorted to the monopolistic paid analogue television form of advertising and the increase Read more

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