The market in Ghana: How newbies are overtaking brand giants.

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Has it ever occurred  to you how quickly big brands that we have grown to know are giving way or dying to the competition of new brands in this 2017 digital world ?

The creme de la creme with always named a set of products category after. In Ghana all toothpaste is included in the retail store as pepsodent, detergents as OMO, Beer as CLUB.

Well is not quite surprising as new companies are quickly adapting to the 21st century of digital marketing and they providing a job slot for digital marketer and influential marketers. As the former brand giants continue to embrace the old ways of doing things, the newbies are constantly adapting to digital change.

Well as the sales agents say, It’s a game. and you have to give in your best shot!

I will go ahead and explain why these newbies are overthrowing brand giants and how these same analytics is use by bigger companies such as coca-cola to ensure that they are always ahead of the competition.

Now set you on the path, marketing as we all know is not the same again, it has taken a very fast and changing form and if your organization do not change with it , then it would have to go down the drain.

Marketing in principles has always contained four strong ‘P”s  that strongly influence how a brand thrives or die. These four “P’s include the product, price,promotion and placement. These four Ps plays  a major influence in the purchasing decision of a customer.

In Ghana the most favored of the four P’s is the price.  I call it price per quantity. because a typical Ghanaian would pay more for a large quantity of goods that is being offered at a low price. For example in my local grocery store at Kotobabi, there are two people who sells exactly the same groceries but you would always see people trooping into the other competitor to buy more. Why? because that competitor offers his products at a  wholesale price in order to be on top of the competition.

This is some form of smarketing by such an individual although he is not a brand , but he is building a pool of customers as well as a way of facilitating FCMG.

So what do we mean by these big brands being swallowed up, to explain that marketing has never being the same again, these values of marketing is now being democratized with the advent of digital tools , the number of people online per day is huge enough to form another planet!

The major annals or P’s to ensure a brand survival is by making effective use of of all the four P’s and thinking digitally.

A real case example is how Kleesoft washing powder has overtaken the market of OMO, bringing such a brand giant to its knees, How did they do it? some people would say it was through influential marketing ,by using the popular footballer Asamoah Gyan.

Yes, Influential marketing counts but is no new factor that the OMO industry can’t use. Kleesoft has really made use of the marketing mix effectively building awareness that we’re in a digital world now.

One thing you have to know is marketing is trend, if a brand rise, automatically, everybody would be filed in to ensure it rise, is like a synchronized affirmative. If a brand falls , everybody desist, through word of mouth, people become aware of their environment and adapting to these changes.

Hey am not doing an advert here, but we all know Kleesoft has always maintained the quality of its detergents in terms of every, from package size to quantity to lather-ability and fragrance, and providing presence through digital marketing and influential marketing.

So for a brand to put its head into the game, it has to adapt to digital changes and feasibility of pleasing customers through the four P’s.

Source: Seoghana | ET Ampofo


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