Use Heading Tags (H1) To Improve Your Google Rankings

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Use Heading Tags (H1) To Improve Your Google Rankings

What are heading tags (H1)?

Have you ever wondered what heading tags (H1) are? If you’ve thought about either of these questions, this article is meant to teach you all about using the h1 tag to improve your onsite SEO. Heading tags (H1) are pieces of HTML code that allow you to make certain words stand out on a page. Content must be useful and unique to attract your target audience. But if it’s not visible, people will not know about your compelling, informative content. Thus, before you can have your audience’s eyes, search engines must see your content. To attract search engines, you need to think about your heading tags (H1). To understand how headings work on a web page, let’s consider a writeup in a Microsoft word document. The title of the article is usually bigger and more pronounced than other words. It may be bold, coloured, or have some other format quality that makes it stand out. Whatever the case, this allows you to scan a word document and pick out the sections you want to read. They differentiate the heading <h1> and sub-headings <h2> to <h6> from the rest of the content. The number from 1 to 6 determines the importance and the position a heading has in the overall hierarchy of the heading structure. Header tags and H tags are some other ways to describe the same thing. What are heading tags (H1)?

Why are heading tags (H1) important?

An H1 tag is critical. The heading acts as an information guide for the search engine bots. It makes certain words stand out, which allows readers of your website to see what the page is about immediately, and determine whether or not they want to read it. It also helps tell search engines what your page is about, and when used in conjunction with the page title, meta description, keywords and keyword-targeted content, it helps improve your search engine ranking. Search engines generally give this tag more weight over other headings.

Heading tags (H1) SEO tips

  • Always include an H1 tag.
  • Use only one per page.
  • Include the primary keyword for your content.
  • Avoid populating the tag with too many keywords.
  • Ensure that your target audience can easily read the H1 tag.
  • Use up to 70 characters in the tag length.
  • Make the tag unique.

What about H2, H3, H4, etc? 

Whereas your H1 tag is used for your document’s main heading; Your main points are wrapped in subheadings known as H2s.  In other words: A <h2> tag defines the second-level headings in your webpage. But, heading tags don’t stop at H2s. Sub-points below your <h2> tags use <h3> heading tags Sub-points below your <h3> tags use <h4> heading tags Sub-points below your <h4> tags use <h5> heading tags Sub-points below your <h5> tags use <h6> heading tags Types of headings H4, H5, and H6 tags are used less frequently. They are useful for breaking up content in long reads. But be careful about using too many H tags, as that could be interpreted as spammy and decrease the value of all the headings in the eyes of search engines. Google treats such content as less informative.

SEO tips for your headings

  • Write a brief, well-articulated H2 through H6 tags.
  • Do not use other tags within your H tags.
  • Don’t use links in heading tags unless you want to take readers away from your content.


To make your content effective and actionable, heading tags optimization is vital. In short, make sure to: Use one <h1> tag. Don’t forget about hierarchy <h1> through <h6>. Apply keywords within headings based on their search volume. Keep headings brief and to the point. Don’t overuse H tags. Clear styles and format headings within the CMS to avoid unexpected/extra symbols within the tags. Do you have additional tips for creating SEO-friendly headings that convert and meet the target audience? Please share them in the comments below.

Ways SEO can help firms in Ghana

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seoghana infographicsSearch engine optimization (SEO) in Ghana helps in transforming the online visibility of a web page or a website usually located in a web search engines unpaid results by giving it visibility. The appearance of a web page matters a lot to customers. Websites which are highly ranked currently appears in the search results first as compared to the others.SEO targets different kinds of searches; academic search, video search, image search, and news search. There are several benefits of why search engine optimization is needed for business survival in Ghana and they include;

Increased Visibility

93% of all online activities begins  with a search. Being listed as one of the top ten in the organic SERP( search engine results page ) is a sure way that SEO works to boost a companies visibility online. It helps a website to dominate in the international and local markets to reach customers across the nations. It helps to expand the market farther more than one would expect which therefore becomes advantageous to the particular holders of the website.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

It is one of the most effective and affordable strategies to use when one chooses to work with qualified professionals. The specialists ensure that one has the right SEO and design packages for the intended firm so that one does not spend money on stuff that is irrelevant. This makes it cheaper for people with companies to use it since it is cost effective.

Guaranteed Higher Sales

It is obvious the more people visit a company’s website, the more reliable customers it attracts. This becomes a better method to ensure customers flow into their particular company. At long last, the sales will increase and therefore it is able to fulfill its objectives.

Aids to Beat Competitors Easily

People are always okay with the first search results. Yes that’s the way to beat your competitors! This criterion optimizes websites by making it a way of dissolving a firm’s competition. Web users rarely peep through websites by its name but instead they trust search engines as the lenders of last resort. It has therefore become a search engine first result page race and one immediately goes to the top of the listings based on how their website is optimized for search. This is guaranteed by the help of search engine optimization Ghana. Most business holders use this strategy to fulfill their companies’ mandate.

A 24-hour Marketing Method

With an SEO website, it is an assurance that a company is usually marketed day and night. Even after locking a company in the evening, the SEO website still works giving the firm an advantage of the 24-hour market.

Up-to-date With Latest Development

Over time many developments occur in the internet sector. Search engine industry changes fast from time to time in the world. Specialists help a web page to stay synchronized that when there is the latest development then it becomes an advantage to the entire firm. It is a continuous process and it is always advisable to hire a dependable SEO company to always obtain advice so that a webpage does not miss any opportunities for development.

Dedicated Fun Base Creation

A better SEO approach assures more customers and great ways to have a well-dedicated fan base with the help of newsletters and RSS feeds. This service existed long before social media and still plays a vital role in getting more customers. Firms make it a method to communicate with people through social media marketing to collect newsletters and feeds when people subscribe.SEO websites have a slot where new people enter emails and subscribe to collect views and feeds. By and large, the above discussed are the commonly obvious benefits of search engine optimization Auckland. Businesses without SEO websites should be challenged and obtain it from the professionals to enjoy the advantages.